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Use appsettings in a Giraffe web app

During the learning of F# the inevitable question arises on how to use the language for your day to day tasks. You can create a web site using F# using the Giraffe framework. The framework can be found on github. The most amazing part that I found is their documentation. A lot can be found to get you started. A missing piece in tutorials is how to use an appsettings.json file with the Giraffe framework, and that’s what this post is about.

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This tutorial will get you started with Azure service bus, dotnet core and F#

With the release of the dotnet 2.0 framework things are really getting interesting. So I tried to combine dotnet core, F# and Azure service bus. Seems reasonable at first, but as F# is quite new to me I struggled to find any tutorial. Apparently everyone is assuming that when you work in F# you’ll be able to figure things out from the C# tutorials. With this tutorial that’s about to change.

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