When Hello World ends

There are a lot of tutorials about how to write a Hello World application. Those are great to get started, but as a software developer I’m expected to write production ready code.

Hello World shows us just one simple aspect to teach you how something works. But besides that aspect, we need some logging. Maybe we need a connection to a data source. And if an application isn’t making use of any API some eyebrows would go up. Off course security is key in our application. Sure we didn’t forget about the DRY principle so our code needs to be structured well. When our code is structured it’s easier to write unit tests. And before our code is released in production, we need some release management. Did I forget to mention source control, scrum,… So instead of 1 Hello World we suddenly need to combine a dozen of Hello Worlds.

When Hello World ends, the life of a software developer begins. Welcome to DevProtocol!